What is speech therapy

Speech-language pathologists (SLP), sometimes called speech therapists, assess, diagnose, treat and help to prevent disorders related to speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing and fluency.
Speech-language pathologists work with people who cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly; those with speech rhythm and fluency problems, such as stuttering; people with voice disorders, such as inappropriate pitch or harsh voice; those with problems understanding and producing language; and those with cognitive communication impairments, such as attention, memory and problem solving disorders. They also work with people who have swallowing difficulties.

Speech Therapist


Perusha is Flutterbys resident speech therapist. Perusha joined Flutterbys after working at the children’s disability centre 3 years ago. Perusha has a Bachelor in Speech and Communication Pathology (UKZN) and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Intervention.