Addresses the specialised educational needs of children aged 6-17. Serurubele comprises of:




We follow the mainstream CAPS curriculum from Gr R to Gr 6. Each child’s work is based on an individual program that is task based. As each task level is achieved and understood the child moves on to the next level. This allows children to move at their own pace without being discriminated against or held back. Due to this process children may end up doing different grade levels at the same time. Example: doing GR 2 math and Gr 1 language.

In addition to our standard curriculum, children participate in an enrichment programme comprising:

  • Soccer Starz – soccer skills
  • Swimming – swimming and water skills
  • Phonographix – reading, spelling and comprehension
  • Nutty Scientists – science experiments and understanding
  • Class economy – money sense, career skills development, economic understanding, tuck shop
  • Computers – teaching children computer and programming skills
  • Music and drama – music appreciation, music theory


Exams and assessments:

Children are formally assessed twice a year. The first assessment is in June and second assessment is in November. In November the children participate in the Annual National Assessment exams supplied by the government. This is the standard testing format used in mainstream schools.

Besides our formal assessments children are continuously assessed through tasks, assessments and tests throughout the year.


Repots are issued in July and December, but parents are welcome to make an appointment at any time during the year for feedback and progress.

Regardless of the child’s learning and physical challenges we focus and work on all learning areas, with the aid of specialized equipment, learning tools, rooms and programmes.