Introduction to the School

Flutterbys is now over 10 years old and if we were to use the analogy of the butterfly’s life cycle it feels as if the first couple of years we were still in the caterpillar phase chomping away at the leaves of knowledge. Over the last few years we emerged from our cocoon ready to take flight. The entire facility, school structure and programme having been revamped and reimagined.

Over the last two years even more changes have taken place to the school facilities, and programmes, with the addition of a workshop, vegetable growing project, canteen, library and sensory room, the CLASSIC programme, my class economy programme and a partnership with Little-Gems/Oak Haven respite and residential care facility.

A multidisciplinary approach to individual education has been a dream of the principal and owner for years; the idea is to create a complete lifespan centre from “birth” to “death”. This dream is now beginning to take shape with Flutterbabes, Flutterbys, Flutterfriends, Serurubele (butterfly in Sotho) ,The Inkululeko (freedom in Zulu) Adult Centre and Oak Haven.

The approach to education has finally evolved into specialised education for the individual, making the facility completely inclusive. Flutterbys is now a facility catering for any child who does not fit into the conventional education system.

The primary philosophy of Flutterbys is that the system of education must fit the child and not the child fit the system. Through an eclectic approach the child’s ability to learn is unlocked. All curriculums are based on the Montessori infant, preschool, elementary and senior elementary curriculums along with the CAPS curriculum. Children who are unable to cope with the CAPS curriculum are placed on the CLASSIC programme (Computerised Learners Assessment Syllabi System for the Intellectually Challenged) programme – an Outcomes Based Educational Tool for the Intellectually Disabled.


Overall the approach to teaching is individualized mainly through multisensory techniques, sensory integration and Floortime.

High care addresses rehabilitation and support for children between the ages of 2yrs to 15yrs.

Flutterbys addresses early intervention and takes children from 3-9. Flutterbys comprises the Prefoundation phase 1 and phase 2

Serurubele addresses the specialised education needs of children 9-18. Serurubele comprises the Reception, Junior, Intermediate and Senior groups. In the senior group the curriculum begins to focus on career development and life skills, with the introduction of various academic and technical certified courses.

Inkululeko Adult Centre will address the specialised education needs of adults.

Flutterfriends incorporates our afternoon programme and acts as a general learning support centre for the community.