General information



















We communicate with parents through the following channels:

  • Email.
  • SMS.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Homework books.
  • Sending letters home.
  • Phone calls.

    WhatsApp rules

  • No bad language.
  • No insults.
  • All transport related communication to be done on the transport WhatsApp group.
  • No communication after 19:30 or before 07:00 via WhatsApp.
  • No changing the group logo.
  • No religious or political view points.





  • All letters to the school from parents must be handed to the teachers and both parties must sign reciept thereof.
  • All letters from the school will be handed to the person collecting the child from school or from the busses and both parties must sign reciept thereof.




Parents Meetings and Workshops

  • Feedback of assessments to parents will take place in July and November. An appointment schedule will be posted on the website members section.
  • Workshops are held every term on different topics to help further empower parents.  Workshops will be anounced on the website please remember to book.







  • School reports are issued twice a year, in July and December.
  • Reports must be collected on the last day of school.
  • No reports will be emailed.








  • Notice in November must be given on the 1st, in the event that notice is given in November that the child will not be returning the following year, the parent is still liable for the December fee.

  • WRITTEN AND PAID NOTICE OF A TERM IS TO BE GIVEN BY THE PARENT/GUARDIAN IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY (notice given between 1 December and 31 January will require the payment of 4 months school fees).







  • All accounts must be paid by the 1st of each month.
  • It is your responsibility to communicate with the school if there is a problem.
  • Fees not received by the 7th will result in your child being suspended from school.
  • All school, transport and aftercare fees are still payable in December by the 1st.
  • No reports will be given if there are outstanding fees.
  • Fees are charged over 12 months (A daily rate is charged per the number of school days in a year and then divided by 12 to determine the monthly fee).





  • All cash money must placed in an envelope with the child’s name and what it is for.
  • The envelope must be handed to the teachers on the bus, or at school and signed for by both parties.
  • No money is permitted in the children's bags.
  • The school and its staff members do not take any responsibility for the loss of money left in children's bags.







  • Normal school lunches
  • No food that needs cooking or warming up. (If your child is on a prescribe diet by a nutritionist or dietician that requires warm food please inform the school to make the neccessary accomodations).
  • No 2min noodles for school or aftercare.
  • No rice, pap etc.
  • No fizzy drinks (Fanta, Coke etc.).
  • No sweets: Toffee, suckers, chocolates, crisps, Oros, Oreo cookies, Twinkies, cupcakes, cake etc.
  • All of the above foods will be sent back home and not given to your child to eat.
  • Snacks we do allow: carrot sticks, fruit, raw veggies, fruit juice, yoghurt, cereal bars, salt biscuits, biltong etc.
  • The school must be informed if your child is on a special diet to so the neccessary accomodations can be made.
  • Lunch can be ordered from the canteen every day of the week except for tuckshop days. Cost of lunch is R40 per plate, each meal consists of a meat, a starch, 2 vegetables, fruit for snack time and fruit juice




Tuck shop

  • Tuck Shop is every Wednesday.
  • The menu for tuck shop will be sent via WhatsApp and posted on the website.
  • No credit is given for tuckshop.
  • No meals are prepared on tuck shop days.







  • Parents are encouraged to keep parties simple. If pupils wish to celebrate their birthday at school, parents may send cupcakes or a simple snack pack to school on the special day to share with friends or make use of the tuck shop’s party-pack offer.
  • Pupils are encouraged to donate a book to the school on their birthday. The child’s name and date can be inscribed on the inside cover of the book.




  • Children are expected to be at school throughout the term, including the first and last days.
  • Doctor’s letters need to be provided in cases of illness for longer than a day.


Sick Policy


Sick children are not permitted to attend school:

  • Children with runny tummies and or vomiting.
  • Children who are suffering from any contagious illness (mumps, measles, pink eye, chicken pox, meningitis, gastro, tonsillitis, ring worm, head lice etc.).
  • Children with an eye infection   
  • Children who are on a course of prescribed antibiotics are not permitted to attend school for the first 48hrs.
  • Ringworm is highly contagious and must be treated.
  • Children with head lice.
  • Children may only return to school once a doctor’s clearance certificate, stating that they are longer contagious is provided.

The above rules are within the prescribed guidelines set out by the Department of Welfare and are aimed at preventing the cross infection of illness in children, and not as an inconvenience.

  • If children are sent home due to illness it is the parent’s responsibility to collect them.  
  • If parents cannot collect their children a R100 fee will be charged to send children home as all transport is out sourced. Children who are sick may not wait until the end of the school day to go home with the transport.





  • If your child needs to receive medication at school, parents must personally bring the medication to school and complete the necessary forms along with the doctors letter.  This is for any and all medication to be given by the school including vitamins and over the counter medication .
  • No exemptions will be made.
  • Under no circumstances is any form of medication allowed to be sent in a child's bag or on the bus.






  • We are always in need of recyclable materials for arts and crafts. Kindly send your waste material e.g. toilet rolls, ice cream containers, yoghurt cups, magazines and scrap paper to school.

Things to throw away


  • We are constantly in need of equipment and furniture. Please consider offering any things you wish to expose of to the school. This applies to: furniture, kitchen appliances, toys, books, garden furniture, plants, paint, etc.







  • Books and stationery are included in your school fees.








  • All students must wear the prescribed school uniform.
  • No takkies / shoes allowed during summer except on Mondays or when it rains.
  • All clothing must be marked.





  • All girls must wear a full speedo costume for swimming.
  • All boys must wear pants that tie for swimming.
  • Children must have their own towel.



  • Girls hair must be tidy.
  • Girls with long hair must be tied up with a blue hair band.
  • No hair colours.
  • Boys hair must be short and tidy.
  • Boys and girl’s nails must be kept short and tidy including toe nails (this is to prevent injury).
  • No nail polishes.
  • No jewellery.
  • Girls with earrings must be plain studs, no rings.
  • No facial hair for boys.
  • Uniforms must be tidy.
  • All clothes and property must be clearly marked.
  • Teachers are not responsible for clothing which is not marked.






  • No bulling at school.
  • No swearing.
  • No teasing.
  • No toys.
  • No cell phones.
  • No mp3.
  • No PSP, or any handheld game.
  • No littering.
  • No stealing.
  • No smoking.
  • May not fight or hurt each other.
  • May not throw stones or any other objects.
  • May not damage school property.
  • May not take or damage another pupil’s property.
  • May not be impolite to any adult or staff member.
  • May not run inside the school buildings.
  • May not be disobedient, and must follow a staff member’s instructions without delay.
  • May not leave the school grounds unless accompanied by an authorized adult.
  • Must wear the correct school uniform.


Collection of children



  • The school must be informed of any other person collecting a child other than the parent.





  • The transport must be informed a minimum of 2 hours before collection if your child is sick by SMS or WhatsApp.
  • The bus will only wait a maximum time of 5min when collecting before leaving. It will then be the parents responsibility to bring the child to school.
  • The bus will wait a maximum time of 5min when dropping children before leaving and bring the child back to school for  collection by the parent.
  • If the bus is running late parents will be informed via the transport WhatsApp groups.
  • If the bus running early parents will be informed via the transport WhatsApp groups
  • The bus will not leave children at the gate or at security they will only hand children over to the persons responsible for your child.
  • If the person responsible for your child is not present when the child is dropped off, the child will be brought back to school for collection by the parent.


Change of information


It is your responsibility to inform the school of any changes to your personal details including:

  • Contact details
  • Moving from home
  • Medical information
  • Email address
  • Change of employment