Our programmes:

All our programmes are based on a child’s individual needs, and ability.  Activities are task based and children move on to the next task as and when they have completed the previous task.

We use a multisensory approach combined with the Montessori Method, Greenspan/ Floortime Approach and CAPS curriculum. All our curriculums are main stream.

Our classes are very small with 4 to 8 children to a teacher depending on the students’ needs and ability. 


The school is divided into 4 sections

High Care

High care addresses rehabilitation and support for children between the ages of 2yrs to 15yrs with extreme physical disabilities.


Addresses early intervention and takes children from 3-9. Flutterbys comprises the Prefoundation phase groups 1 and 2.


Addresses the specialised education needs of children 9-18. Serurubele comprises the Reception, Junior, Elementary and Senior groups. In the senior group the curriculum begins to focus on career development and life skills, with the introduction of various academic and technical certified courses.


Adult Centre -  will address the specialised education needs of  young adults.